Viral Optins Review

 Viral Optins Review

The Internet not only continuously shows its advantages, making the number of online citizens grow increasingly, but also democratize business. Today, everyone and their neighbor sell something on the web. It is undeniable that whether you are in direct sales, affiliate marketing, network marketing, or a major franchise or corporation joining the ranks of web 2.0…getting viral traffic is critical for online business success. Among the ways to get viral traffic, making use of viral plugin is an ease and effective approach, which encourages your list, or your subcribers, to share your content. Here, I’d like to review of Viral Optins – a WordPress plugin to drive massive viral traffic.

What is Viral Optins?

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Product Name : Viral Optins
Author : Wilco de Kreij
Product niche : List Building Plugin
Official Website:
Launch day : April 30th 2013 at 10AM EST
Price : 17$ for Single License & 27$-37$ for Unlimited License

Viral Optins is a WordPress plugin with an unique approach to help you drive massive viral traffic while building email lists.

How helpful Viral Optins is?

Viral Optins allow users to create stunning opt-in boxes (e.g., sidebars, widget, popups, in-content, etc.) in which they can fully customize. This alone is something your list would buy this for.

Secondly, and this is how powerful it is: Viral Optins auto-generates a trackable promotion URL for each subscriber, so that you can give them the ultimate incentive to share and promote your website: “Refer X of your subscribers to get instant access to Y”. Only when they refer X new subscribers, they get access to the freebie.

About the Viral Optins’ author

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He is Wilco De Kreij. Founder of wp4fb2.0. So, you know that he is a famous Internet Marketer, who’s responsible for his product, he working so hard before releasing a product. And wp4fb2.0, which make total half a milion of dollars in sales is a testament. About Viral Optins, with understanding and creative, Wilco De Kreij continuous working on that product for almost 2 years for making it bigger and better along the way. So I committed to you that Viral Optins is the best product to drive massive traffic.

Why must choose Viral Optins ?

If you are operating an online business, brick-and-mortar small business, or any type of business, you will need a way to keep in touch with your prospects and customers.

So since each and every person in the world has an e-mail address, building an e-mail list is actually one of the cheapest, the majority of cost-effective remedy for doing that. When you first begin email marketing, it is regular to have a smaller sized list. It takes a concerted hard work to get in the habit of asking for e-mail addresses. There’re people who have already been email marketing for many years and continue to are not using advantage of all the opportunities they have to increase their subscriber.

Now, I want to share with you a Plugin that’s every powerful indeed and one I do not hear any people talk about. You may have heard of this phrase before, but it is true “the money is in the list”.

Nevertheless, for many people, creating a e-mail list appears to be so hard. Well, not anymore. Everything is easy ever with Viral Optins. Why do i say that ? Read more Viral Optins review and you will understand.

What’s the features of Viral Optin ?

First of all, Viral Optins is actually the WP plugin with an unique strategy to drive massive viral traffic while building a list mails. It allows you to produce stunning optin boxes (e.g. sidebars, widgets, popups, in-content, etc) that they could full customize. That is something your list would buy this for. The most important feature forces you to buy it which can make magic happens is it automatic creates a trackable promotion LINK for each and every subscriber, therefore you can provide them the ultimate incentive to share and promote your site: “Refer A of your friends to get quick access to [B]“. Just when they refer [A] new subscribers, they obtain access to the freebie. This amazing plugin lets you increase traffic exponentially while adding tons of subscribers and turbo charging your SEO.

So, with Viral Optins you can make any beautiful optin forms that can be placed in anywhere on your website – even as a popup. And simply because each & every visitor gets a unique URL link that they require to give to these friends, your links get posted all over the web, improving your SEO immediately.

So if you:
  • Want more traffic, but you don’t want to go broke paying for it.
  • Would love to build up your list, but it takes FOREVER.
  • Wish you could improve your SEO, but you don’t have the time to do it, or the resources to pay a pro.

=> only Viral Optins can help you. why do you hesitate to use this great plugin. If you do not understand the power of build a mail list, i have a proof for you.

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Cons of Viral Optins: 

Actually there isn’t anything make me don’t like it. The only one I think is that you will lose your customers to your competitors if they use Viral optins but you don’t ^^


How to get Viral Optins ?

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